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Welcome to my personal website! I'm always open to working with like minded people that are passionate about technology. If that's you let's talk business.


I am living a truly fortunate life in Olathe, KS with my awesome wife Katie, my dog Ellie, and my two cats Theo and Lucy. I'm employed as a Software Engineer for Garmin in the device interaction department.

I graduated from Kansas State University in December 2012 with a bachelor's degree in Information Systems and a minor in Business.

I truly enjoy my life, my line of work, and am always looking for ways to challenge and improve myself.


The following three principles have been extremely helpful to me when solving business problems through software:

Personal methodologies aside, take a look at my résumé (it's under the Portfolio section) to see a detailed description of my professional experiences.




Current Work

At my day job I work on a team that develops backend services for products at Garmin, including Garmin Express. I also work on developing some internal tools/appliations that help Garmin employees view/manage business data.

Side projects

  • Pensieve - A magical memory repository

Past Work